Models: AP-1,2,3

Size: 34-48cm /13-15cm
Weight: 16,5-25,4kg

Developed in USA

CRYSTAL BLUE technology helps improve ecosystems, cut cost related to usage of water and fertilizers, and keep piping free of calcium and mineral build-up.

  • Increased crop yields up to 40%, better crop quality and health, better resistance to draught, pests and fungus, higher rate of seed germination, better water absorption in soil, better livestock hydration, and overall health.
  • Decreased water, electricity consumption and fertilizer and pesticide usage, reduced water evaporation, calcium and mineral builup in pipes, and environmental pollution.

Ideal for zero-waste, organic and sustainable agriculture.

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CRYSTAL BLUE is the latest sustainable technology that structures and regenerates water on a molecular level, dramatically improving its quality and taste. Structured water exists naturally in mountain springs, glacier melt, and other untouched sources. Water inside our cells and plant cells is also structured.

When water goes through a CRYSTAL BLUE unit it becomes exposed to the same physical phenomena that regenerate water during a hydraulic cycle in Nature: vortexing, piezo electricity, electromagnetic field, healing frequencies emitted by rare earth minerals. All these natural actions work together and realign the molecular structure of water, clear its toxic memory, and return it to its healthy and energetic original state.

CRYSTAL BLUE technology is the world’s most advanced, well-engineered and effective solution for structuring water. CRYSTAL BLUES WATER STRUCTURING UNITS are computer machined, individually hand-crafted precision instruments that are made of the finest food grade and plumbing code-compliant materials such as: surgical grade stainless steel, pure copper, pure 24K gold (HF, SU units), precision ground pure silica glass spheres, proprietary mineral mix tuned to the 432 Hz healing frequency.

CRYSTAL BLUES WATER STRUCTURING UNITS design and impeccable implementation guarantees that you will get high quality devices that require no electricity, no filters to replace, no chemicals, absolutely no maintenance and that will last generations.