Water Structuring Unit | AP model 

Whether you’re an experienced farmer or passionate about agriculture, there’s an eco-friendly way to improve your irrigation. CRYSTAL BLUE structured water provides a green solution for a healthier environment and planet well-being.

Making the switch to structured water is a simple and eco-friendly choice that comes with a host of benefits. By incorporating structured water into your irrigation practices, you’ll witness more robust plant growth and healthier crops. Structured water helps plants absorb more nutrients, resulting in improved growth, yield, and crop quality. In turn, this can positively impact your agricultural efforts, resulting in more bountiful harvests.

CRYSTAL BLUE structured water benefits both your crops and the planet. It’s a win-win for both your agricultural endeavors and the environment.

Homeowners and gardeners can enhance their watering with SP Water Structuring Units, designed for domestic use. CRYSTAL BLUE designed these units with homes and gardens in mind, providing numerous benefits for your watering routine.

These structuring units are incredibly user-friendly, designed for easy installation. Installing these units is straightforward; you don’t require any specialized plumbing knowledge. They seamlessly integrate with your current water system, making it a hassle-free process.

The straightforward installation process ensures that you can enjoy the advantages of structured water without any hassle. And once they’re in place, these units require no ongoing maintenance, freeing you from the burden of constant upkeep.

Water Structuring Unit | SP-2 model 



Enhanced water absorption

The organized structure of CRYSTAL BLUE water makes it penetrate soil and reach plant roots better. This efficient absorption ensures that plants receive the optimal hydration they require for healthy growth. As a result, farms and gardens irrigated with structured water often exhibit increased vitality and yield.


Improved nutrient uptake

Structured water, with its special structure, helps carry nutrients through the soil for plant roots to absorb effectively. This enhanced nutrient transport boosts the overall health and vigor of the plants. As a result, farmers and gardeners can anticipate healthier and more plentiful crops with a structured irrigation water system.


Reduced water consumption

The advanced molecular organization of CRYSTAL BLUE structured water ensures that it is readily absorbed by both plants and soil, prevents the waste of water reducing the overall amount needed for surface irrigation. As a result, farmers and gardeners can experience a significant reduction in water usage, potentially saving up to 40%. This not only conserves a precious resource but also translates to cost savings in agricultural operations.


Decreased salt buildup

The unique properties of structured water actively combat the accumulation of salts in the soil, a common concern in many agricultural areas. By reducing salt buildup, structured water ensures that plant roots remain undamaged and can absorb nutrients effectively. This not only promotes healthier plant growth but also preserves the long-term fertility and productivity of the soil.


Soil health

CRYSTAL BLUE structured water’s superior hydration capacity aids in preserving the integrity of the soil, preventing it from becoming too dense or compacted. This optimal soil condition allows for unimpeded root expansion, fostering robust plant growth. Moreover, proper soil care boosts nutrient absorption and moisture retention, vital for plant well-being.


Reduced reliance on chemicals

Healthier plants, improved nutrient uptake, and better soil conditions reduce the need for chemical fertilizers and pesticides. It is ​​a greener, more sustainable approach to irrigation, aligning with eco-conscious practices and reducing environmental impact.


Improved overall plant health

Structured water improves agriculture by promoting efficient hydration, nutrient absorption, and improved soil conditions. This transformation results in healthier, more robust, and ultimately more productive plants. The plants thrive in a more favorable environment, allowing for increased crop yield, disease resistance, and longevity in agriculture.

Structured water has changed how we water crops, introducing many effective methods for providing plants with the right amount of water. Traditional water sources, such as surface water or direct supply, often have challenges regarding water quality and quantity.

By running the water from these sources through a water structuring unit, we can achieve better results even using traditional irrigation techniques. Whether for pivot irrigation of large areas, drip irrigation systems, or sprinkler systems, using structured water ensures a consistent water supply, optimizing the health and productivity of irrigated agricultural land and crops.

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