Medical Studies

Welcome to our Medical Studies section, where you’ll discover evidence-based research on PEMF, transpelvic magnetic stimulation (rTPM), and structured water, showcasing the scientifically proven benefits of these innovative methods for enhancing health and wellness.

Medical Studies: PEMFs


Biological windows

Blood pressure / nitric oxide levels

Bone Mass fracture healing


Cancer 2

Control tissue regeneration / pelvic pain

Coronary artery atherosclerosis


Diabetes / blood circulation

Fitness study / disc prolapse / body electricity

Fracture healing

Ion transport

Knee osteorthritis

Nitric oxide signaling

Obstructive pulnomary desease

Osteoporosis / postmenopause

Pain / anxiety / depression


PEMF function

Summary of different conditions

Venose leg ulceration

Wound healing

Wound repair

Control tissue regeneration / pelvic pain / neuroinfloinflammation

Medical Studies: Pelvic Floor Muscle Training

Sexual Function in Couples With Female Stress Urinary Incontinence

Stress urinary incontinence / 1-year followup

Urinary incontinence

Structured Water

Effect of Structured Water on blood

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