Crystal Blue Water Structuring Unit

For Reverse Osmosis Filters


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Filtered water enhancer: this water structuring unit is designed for seamless integration with any brand of reverse osmosis filter for greater health.

Model: SU / 24K gold-plated

Shipping within 24 hours

This elegantly designed WATER STRUCTURING unit pairs seamlessly with any stationary reverse osmosis filter to transform dead filtered water into live water with quality and taste similar to mountain spring water: energized, with perfect molecule structure it helps maintain optimum cellular hydration, normalize cellular voltage, and enhance health on many levels. The consumption of structured water has a cumulative effect.

The unit can be installed by any certified plumber. eCell offers installation services for Barcelona area and the Maresme coast.

Model SU: 24K gold-plated

Weight of the unit: 1.2 kg

Dimensions: 14cm long, 4.6cm wide

Included are a handmade luxury box with protective padding, detailed care and installation instructions, and installation pipe fittings for the two most commonly used sizes, compatible with all reverse osmosis brands.

CRYSTAL BLUE is the latest sustainable technology that structures and regenerates water on a molecular level, dramatically improving its quality and taste. Structured water exists naturally in mountain springs, glacier melt, and other untouched sources.

When water goes through a CRYSTAL BLUE unit it becomes exposed to the same physical phenomena that regenerate water during a hydraulic cycle in Nature: vortexing, piezoelectricity, electromagnetic field, and healing frequencies emitted by rare earth minerals. All these natural actions work together and realign the molecular structure of water, clear its toxic memory, and return it to its healthy and energetic original state.

CRYSTAL BLUE technology is the world’s most advanced, well-engineered, and effective solution for structuring water. CRYSTAL BLUES WATER STRUCTURING UNITS are computer-machined, individually hand-crafted precision instruments that are made of the finest food grade and plumbing code-compliant materials such as surgical grade stainless steel, pure copper, pure 24K gold, precision ground pure silica glass spheres, proprietary mix of 47 rare minerals tuned to the 432 Hz healing frequency.

CRYSTAL BLUES WATER STRUCTURING UNITS’ design and impeccable implementation guarantee that you will get high-quality devices that require no electricity, no filters to replace, no chemicals, absolutely no maintenance, and that will last generations.

Designed in the USA.


  • Health-Conscious Individuals: Advised for those focused on holistic health practices, integrating structured water into a regimen for enhanced well-being.
  • Individuals who don’t enjoy drinking water: an enhanced taste of structured water, reminiscent of fresh mountain spring water, encourages increased consumption and helps meet daily water intake recommendations effortlessly.
  • Dehydration: Structured water is particularly useful in rehydrating more efficiently than regular water.
  • Physical Activity: Professional athletes or those engaging in physical exercise find structured water beneficial for quicker hydration and recovery.
  • Toxin & Pollution Exposure: Individuals exposed to city pollutants or toxins should use structured water to aid in detoxification.
  • Nutritional Deficiencies: Those looking to enhance nutrient absorption from their diet might benefit from drinking structured water.
  • Digestive Issues: People with digestive problems such as bloating or constipation may find structured water helpful in easing their symptoms.
  • Skin Conditions: Individuals with dry or atopic skin and other dermatological issues might notice improvements from increased hydration through structured water.
  • Immune System Support: During times of illness or to prevent sickness, warm structured water is useful for supporting immune function.
  • Wrinkles & Premature Aging Concerns: For those concerned with aging and its effects, structured water might help in maintaining cell health and vitality as well as younger-looking plumper skin.
  • Chronic Fatigue: People suffering from fatigue might experience an energy boost from the enhanced hydration structured water provides.



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