CRYSTAL BLUE is the latest water structuring technology that regenerates water on a molecular level turning it into quality water that tastes great. Structured water exists naturally in mountain springs, glacier melt, and other untouched sources. Water inside healthy human cells and plant cells is also structured.





Dehydration will cause premature aging. Choose STRUCTURED DRINKING WATER for optimal hydration.

When combined with stationary water filters CRYSTAL BLUE units instantly create superior drinking water that tastes great. The quality and the taste ARE similar to mountain spring water.

Energized, with perfect molecule structure it helps maintain optimum cellular hydration, improving your overall health and wellness.

Dehydration is one of the main causes of premature aging. Proper hydration helps maintain your skin’s elasticity. People who drink sufficient amounts of water are less likely to suffer from scars, wrinkles, and soft lines, and they won’t show as many signs of aging as opposed to those who don’t.

On average our bodies are made of 60% water that comprises our intracellular and extracellular fluids. Water plays a major role in our bodies’ chemical reactions. Most health professionals recommend drinking 30 ml of clear water for every kg of your weight to insure proper hydration. However, it’s not just the quantity of water that matters, It’s also the water’s structure.



  • Better tasting water
  • Anti-aging effect and smoother skin
  • Increased detoxification and efficient cellular waste removal
  • Increased oxygen in blood
  • Improved metabolic reactions
  • Improved blood viscosity
  • Increased nutrient uptake from food and supplements
  • More efficient digestive system
  • Improved energy levels in body
  • Immune system booster
  • Increased cellular hydration and nourishment
  • Healthier pets and house plants

CRYSTAL BLUE TECHNOLOGY is the world’s most advanced, well-engineered and effective solution for structuring water.

CRYSTAL BLUE STRUCTURED WATER UNITS regenerate water on molecular level and return it to its healthy and energetic state intended by the Nature itself.

CRYSTAL BLUE water is soft, energized, with orderly molecular structure, balanced pH, less surface tension, neutralized toxins and free of toxic memory like you find in untouched sources of water on the planet.

Our STRUCTURING WATER UNITS design and impeccable implementation guarantees that you will get high quality devices that require:

  • no electricity
  • no water filters to replace
  • no chemicals
  • absolutely no maintenance and that will last generation

These advanced devices are the result of years of hard work of dedicated scientists, engineers and CRYSTAL BLUE’s core team of researchers who are together responsible for the units’ unmatched design, engineering, and performance.

Water is much more complex than originally believed. Recent scientific discoveries by the greatest scientists change our perception of water upside-down.

Dr. Gerald Pollack discovered that alongside with generally known 3 phases of water, there is a fourth phase – EXCLUSION ZONE (EZ) water or STRUCTURED water. Regular water is known as H2O but EZ water is known as H3O2. It’s a viscous form of water contained in all living cells. EZ molecule structure reminds of the structure of a crystal.
Cells spend great deal of energy to turn regular water into structured water, literally burning energy molecules for that purpose. Structured water on the other hand goes right into cells without any problem.

That is why drinking CRYSTAL BLUE STRUCTURED WATER not only ensures immediate hydration but saves the body a great deal of energy. Since our skin is capable of absorbing a small amount of moisture and retain it, showering with CRYSTAL BLUE STRUCTURED WATER will result in better hydrated skin and softer hair.

Peter C. Agre* discovered aquaporins, the proteins that form membrane channels and move water molecules through cell membranes. The cellular aquaporins in living cells transport water and nutrients through cell walls, letting negatively charged water molecules in and keeping positively charged ones out.

General water molecules are gregarious, which means that they will easily cluster in groups between 5 and 600 molecules. When a water molecule is positively charged and clustered together with other molecules, the aquaporin rejects it, and stops it from passing through the cellular membrane resulting in dehydration, poor absorption of nutrients and premature aging.

Only one negatively charged water molecule can pass through the aquaporin channel at a time to hydrate at cellular level.

CRYSTAL BLUE STRUCTURING WATER UNITS break down water molecule clusters to single negatively charged molecules, allowing for much better cell hydration, nutrient absorption as well as stronger cells.

Nobel Prize laureate Luc Montagnier has discovered that water is incredibly sensitive to the micro-information from the surrounding environment, in other words it possesses an innate capacity to retain a memory of the molecular properties of any substance it once contained.

Masaru Emoto documented that water can store frequencies and transfer coherent information to a living organism. It is able to duplicate the qualities of any material with which it once interfaced. Moreover, water can actually be programmed or “organized” by electromagnetic and sonic frequencies in the form of photons (light waves) and phonons (sound waves).

Drinking water polluted by harmful frequencies will put an unnecessary and unhealthy load on all body systems.

CRYSTAL BLUE STRUCTURING WATER UNITS are lined with a unique patent mineral mix that includes rare minerals iridium and Power Rock. The mix produces a healing 432Hz frequency that erases the toxic memory of water.

Konstantin Korotkov has developed a technology of capturing images of electrical discharges (Gas Discharge Visualization) that allows us to measure energy levels in water.

The healing 432Hz frequency produced by CRYSTAL BLUE STRUCTURING WATER UNITS increases water’s energy by 300% (measured by GDV). Drinking structured water every day will enhance your overall energy levels, your health and beauty.

Though everyone can benefit from better hydration, one cannot overestimate its importance in sports. Many professional athletes trust CRYSTAL BLUE structured water.

  • stay hydrated longer
  • maintain normal muscle function
  • prevent decrease in physical performance
  • reduce the risk of heat stress
  • reduce lactate buildup during a workout
  • recover faster
  • improve immune system markers
  • reduce inflammation
  • decrease level of endogenous intoxication of the body
  • lower oxidative stress caused by exercise
  • improve renal excretory function
  • lower creatinine levels

CRYSTAL BLUE STRUCTURING UNITS not only instantly improves the taste of wine but makes the wine’s healthy compounds bioavailable.

immediate taste enhancement
saves hours of proper wine decanting
increased biovitality of wine’s healthy compounds
less chance to develop a hangover

Red wine is packed with unique bioactive compounds that are tied to various health benefits (conscious consumption is required of course). In particular, a lot of red wine studies focus on the effects of resveratrol, a compound found in the skin of grapes. Many studies have tied resveratrol to improved heart health and longevity due to its capacity to combat inflammation.


CRYSTAL BLUE has been endorsed by NFL Care Foundation to be a preferred vendor of products. Many active and former NFL players have been enjoying the benefits of drinking CRYSTAL BLUE STRUCTURED WATER and have noted a significant improvement in their health.

“Thank you CELLVITAL and CRYSTAL BLUE Water Solutions. My levels of hydration, increase in endurance and reduction in recovery time has been amazing. The surprise is the improvement in my brain function. I am clearly seeing and feeling the results. I can honestly say that the CELLVITAL, CRYSTAL BLUE STRUCTURED WATER and the mineral protocol is the most effective holistic home treatment/recovery program that I have experienced to date. Thank you again. GAME ON!!!

Kenny Clark
Green Bay Packers

“I highly recommend this unique and effective technology for any former or current athlete since it will help improve a variety of health disorders associated with sports. I was a professional ballerina and athlete for most of my life and it has proven to be healing for me and our entire family.”

Leslye Pace
M.D. Anesthesiologist / Certified Regenerative Medicine, Kennesaw, GA

“We did several tests with athletes drinking CRYSTAL BLUE WATER and found significant difference with control group on several Gas Discharge Visualization parameters as well as their self response and performance focus.”

Dr. Konstantin Korotkov
Prof. Academician of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, Inventor of GDV, Researcher of structured water, St Petersburg, Russia.


“As nutritionist and fitness trainer I understand that water is the basis of our health. I have always had a standard water filter at home but to be honest, never liked the taste of the water that comes out of it – it was flat and completely “lifeless”. Installing the CRYSTAL BLUE WATER STRUCTURING UNIT (SU-1) together with my reverse osmosis water filter changed the taste of my tap water completely. My water tastes amazing! When slightly chilled it does taste like fresh water from a mountain spring. It also keeps me hydrated well throughout the day and especially during long high-intensive training. I also bought a handheld unit to structure my red wine.”

Julia Silva
Barcelona, Spain

“Approximately one month after having installed the CRYSTAL BLUE SP1 unit at home I can see improvement in my skin: it feels softer and more moisturized. Plus, I significantly cut back on using body lotion.”

Cintia Bonet
Barcelona, Spain

“I looked for years to find a company that understood healthy water and how to create it. There are many products on the market that claim to structure water and most of them do nothing of the sort. I have used other structuring products in the past and they all had flaws or manufacturing issues. The CRYSTAL BLUE WATER STRUCTURING systems are the only structuring technology I trust for my family, friends and patients.”

Dr. Nikolai Alenov

“The quality of the water from the CRYSTAL BLUE installation at home is surprisingly better than the big brand bottled water I buy when away from home. I will buy a portable unit for travel.”

Dave Wittick
Valencia, Spain

“I’ve been suffering from psoriasis for years. After three weeks of drinking and showering with CRYSTAL BLUE STRUCTURED WATER, my psoriasis condition really improved! Thank you!”

Roberto Blasco
Barcelona, Spain

CRYSTAL BLUE STRUCTURED WATER UNITS help improve ecosystems and allow farmers achieve superior sustainable agricultural results year after year. A healthy farm ecosystem is a more efficient and a more profitable system and the focus should lie on water and soil. The benefits of structured water created by  CRYSTAL BLUE STRUCTURING WATER UNITS have been noted by many renowned agricultural specialist and farmers.

CRYSTAL BLUE structured water is soft, energized, with orderly molecular structure, balanced pH, less surface tension, neutralized toxins and free of toxic memory like you find in untouched sources of water on the planet.

CRYSTAL BLUE STRUCTURED WATER UNITS require no maintenance and will last generations.

  • domestic, commercial and agricultural use
  • require no maintenance
  • no electric power needed
  • no moving mechanical parts
  • work without any chemicals, salts or magnet
  • eco-friendly and sustainable technology
  • allow for appliances and plumbing parts to last longer
  • dissolve calcium & mineral deposits in plumbing lines
  • keep your plumbing and machinery like new
  • allow for appliances to last longer
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