Crystal Blue Water Structuring units

Bring the quality of mountain spring water to the comfort of your home for optimal hydration and overall health enhancement.

Structured water is the most natural form of water

Structured water, known scientifically as Exclusion Zone (EZ) water, is the most natural form of water found in pristine environments like mountain springs of ecological regions, glacier melts, and other untouched sources. Structured water is soft, energized, with an orderly molecular structure, it carries a light negative charge and it’s free from harmful memory.

Thanks to Crystal Blue, the latest sustainable technology that structures and regenerates water on the molecular level, you can now enjoy water in its most powerful state that tastes fantastic, right in the comfort of your own home.


You will feel and see the difference

As regular water passes through a CRYSTAL BLUE unit, it undergoes a transformative process, mimicking the natural hydraulic cycle.

This process involves vortexing, piezoelectricity, electromagnetic fields, and the restorative frequencies emitted by rare Earth minerals.

Working in synergy, these natural forces make molecular structure of water orderly and coherent, erase its toxic memory, and restore it to its original, vibrant, and healthful state.

As CRYSTAL BLUE STRUCTURED WATER naturally boosts your body’s hydration levels, you’ll notice increased energy, improved health, and visibly younger-looking skin. Structured water goes beyond traditional hydrating creams’ superficial benefits by delivering deep, effective hydration from within. This enhanced hydration process revitalizes and energizes you and accelerates the removal of toxins.

Experience the transformative effects of structured water and unlock a more vibrant and energetic version of yourself.


Crystal Blue Structuring Unit | Travel | Water & Wine


Crystal Blue Water Structuring Unit | RO Filter Enhancer


Crystal Blue Water Structuring Unit | Domestic | Shower | Garden


Crystal Blue Water Structuring Unit | Heavy Duty | Agricultural | Industrial


CRYSTAL BLUE technology is the world’s most advanced and effective solution for structuring water.

Each CRYSTAL BLUE WATER STRUCTURING UNIT is meticulously crafted using the finest natural materials: precision ground pure silica glass spheres, proprietary mineral mix consisting of 47 life-enhancing minerals, pure 24-karat gold-platted copper and surgical grade stainless steel. Each unit is tuned to the 432Hz healing frequency like a fine musical instrument.

CRYSTAL BLUES WATER STRUCTURING UNITS design and impeccable implementation guarantee that you will get high-quality devices that require no electricity, no filter replacements, or chemicals. With absolutely no maintenance required, these units are built to last for generations.

All in one power packed capsule



Piezo Electricity

Magnetic & Paramagnetic Fields

47 Earth minerals

Iridium 2674

Power Rock

432 Healing frequency


With CRYSTAL BLUE water structuring units, you can easily create structured water right at home, mimicking the purest natural sources. This innovative technology transforms tap water, enhancing its natural qualities.

Adding structured water to your daily routine offers numerous benefits. It optimizes hydration at the cellular level, facilitating efficient nutrient delivery and waste removal. It also supports your body’s detoxification, helping to expel toxins more effectively.

 Moreover, structured water boosts your energy levels, infusing your day with vitality and enthusiasm. Embrace structured water daily and witness the transformative impact on your overall well-being.


Drinking Water

Superior taste and quality, optimal hydration, efficient detoxification, and tremendous health benefits.



Shower Water

More hydrated skin and softer hair, clean pipes, longer life span of machines and boilers.



Irrigation Water

Reduced water and fertilizer usage, healthier, more abundant plants, significantly lower costs.



Water tastes amazing | Better hydration

“As nutritionist and fitness trainer I understand that water is the basis of our health. I have always had a standard reverse osmosis water filter at home, but to be honest, I never enjoyed drinking RO water. The taste was flat and it felt as if it was completely “lifeless”. Installing the CRYSTAL BLUE WATER STRUCTURING UNIT (SU) and my reverse osmosis water filter changed everything. My water tastes amazing now! When slightly chilled it does taste like fresh water from a mountain spring. It also keeps me hydrated throughout the day, especially during long, high-intensity training. I also bought a handheld unit to structure my red wine.”

Julia Silva
Nutritionist, fitness trainer |Barcelona, Spain

Softer, more moisturized skin

“Approximately one month after having installed the CRYSTAL BLUE SP WATER STRUCTURING UNIT at home I can see improvement in my skin: it feels softer and more moisturized. Plus, I significantly cut back on using moisturizing body lotion.”

Cintia Bonet
Barcelona, Spain

Water is soft, delicious and easy to drink

I began to study and deepen my knowledge about water about 15 years ago when I was a student at Cambridge. When I finally encountered eCell and tried structured water, it was exactly what I was looking for. Without saying anything to family members, I installed a CRYSTAL BLUE water structuring unit with a reverse osmosis filter, my son tasted the water and immediately noticed that the water was completely different, it was soft, delicious, easy to drink and even the consistency of it is different – it is impossible to describe, you need to try it! My daughter who has highly developed taste buds cannot eat anything with preservatives and additives since her early years, immediately noticed the “taste” of water!

Ekaterina El Raaba
Cabrils, Spain

Psoriasis has improved

“I’ve been suffering from psoriasis for years. After three weeks of drinking and showering with CRYSTAL BLUE STRUCTURED WATER, my psoriasis condition really improved! Thank you!”

Roberto Blasco
Barcelona, Spain

Better performance in athletes

“We did several tests with athletes drinking CRYSTAL BLUE WATER and found significant difference with control group on several Gas Discharge Visualization parameters as well as their self response and performance focus.”

Dr. Konstantin Korotkov
Prof. Academician of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences | Researcher of structured water |St.Petersburg, Russia.

Trustworthy Technology

“I looked for years to find a company that understood healthy water and how to create it. There are many products on the market that claim to structure water and most of them do nothing of the sort. I have used other structuring products in the past and they all had flaws or manufacturing issues. The CRYSTAL BLUE WATER STRUCTURING systems are the only structuring technology I trust for my family, friends, and patients.”

Dr. Nikolai Alenov

Better quality than bottled water

“The quality of the water from the CRYSTAL BLUE installation at home is surprisingly better than the big brand bottled water I buy when away from home. I will buy a portable unit for travel.”

Dave Wittick
Valencia, Spain

Higher levels of hydration

“Thank you CELLVITAL and CRYSTAL BLUE Water Solutions. My levels of hydration, increase in endurance, and reduction in recovery time have been amazing. The surprise is the improvement in my brain function. I am clearly seeing and feeling the results. I can honestly say that the CELLVITAL, CRYSTAL BLUE STRUCTURED WATER and the mineral protocol is the most effective holistic home treatment/recovery program that I have experienced to date. Thank you again. GAME ON!!!”

Kenny Clark
Professional Football player | NFL

The Remarkable Properties and Health Benefits of Structured Water

Did you know that structured water, also known as the fourth phase of water or EZ water, is a unique form of liquid water with extraordinary properties? Its molecular structure is different from regular water, as it contains organized clusters with abundant “lone pairs” of electrons.

The structured of a water molecule results from the delicate interplay of covalent bonding and hydrogen bonds. These interactions create a network where some regions carry a negative charge, while others have a partial positive charge.

When you drink structured water from the CRYSTAL BLUE WATER STRUCTURING UNITS, you’re benefiting from its exceptional properties of water. The oxygen atoms in the water’s clusters tend to have a partial negative charge, while the hydrogen atoms have a partial positive charge. This polar molecules polarity contributes to the high-quality taste and superior hydration you experience.

Moreover, the health benefits of structured water are remarkable. It facilitates cellular hydration, enhances detoxification processes, and boosts your energy levels. Its molecular arrangement also promotes more efficient nutrient absorption.

Under a microscope, the diagram shows how structured water forms beautiful patterns, indicating its organized and coherent molecular structure. By incorporating CRYSTAL BLUE structured water into your daily.

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